Anthropocene Beauty 2010


Here at the beginning of the 21st Century humankind is having such a considerable impact on both the geology and ecology of the planet that some scientists believe we have entered a new geological epoch: The Anthropocene Epoch.

Yet it  appears that the more control we exert upon our natural environment the more detached we become, spending our leisure time watching our scenes of the natural world mediated by a screen. Surely this disassociation from the reality of our natural roots only brings about a disconnection which in turn leads to unhappiness, anxiety and guilt attached to the planets misuse and abuse. These images are not only the natural world, but a very human slant upon it: Digitally created using a flat-bed scanner; adjusted, with symmetry and control; a collection of predominantly humanized hybrid flowers, mostly grown out of season and hence imported from outside the United Kingdom. They are representational of our desire to mould and adjust for our own satisfaction, safety and pleasure; whist viewing through a screen not only represents nature mediated by technology but also retains the illusion that this domination is our reality of control.
We have already made our mark and continue change the course of the Worlds evolution; we have the ability to sculpt the environment to suit our desires perhaps with catastrophic consequences. I hope to remind the viewer that however technologically advanced, we are nature and nature is beautiful, that with the human capacity for the creation of and innate appreciation of natural beauty, that we can improve our lifestyles. It isn’t necessarily too late, if we dispose of greed and live with synchronicity, sympathy and care within our environment rather than attempt to dominate it, the future, the horizon both near and far could have a more optimistic outlook.