Garden Finds 2011

 The essence of a magical object is that is more than an object. We can do whatever we like to objects; but magical objects are things that we allow and expect to do things back to us. All magical objects surpass themselves.”
Steve Connor
The project “Garden Finds” evolved as a result of my chickens, hens are mini archaeologists.

As a hoarder I keep the strangest things. Small articles I find which somehow have a poignancy clutter my home; the house in which I have lived since I was a child. When I built my hens a new pen on the back garden they began busily turning over the ground, every day a new object would appear from beneath the earth, some of which had laid there for many years. Lost pieces from my childhood, forgotten toys of my own children, unrecognisable objects from the past; as my house is very old. I began to collect anything discovered on the ground which lay within the boundaries of my land. Most of these finds are now carefully packaged in shoe boxes residing with the spiders and dust mites under the bed, but when Object #9 lay prone below the Buddleia one late spring morning I knew that it couldn't be kept, so I began to scan my treasures.