Head Like a Snake 2012-Ongoing

A Grehound shold be heeded lyke a snake
And neckyd lyke a drake,
Footed lyke a catte,
Tayllyd lyke a ratte,
Syded lyke a teme,
And chynyd lyke a beme.
The fyrst- yere he must lerne to fede,
The 'second yere to felde him lede,
The thyrde yere he is felowe lyke,
The fourth yere there is none syke,
The fyfth yeare he is good enough,
The syxte yere he shall hold the plough,
The seventh yere he woll avaylle
Grete bytches for to assaylie,
The eygthe yere licke ladyll,
The nynthe yere cartsadyll ;
And when he is comyn to that yere
Have him to the tannere,
For the best Hounde that ever bytche had
At nynthe yere he is full badde.
Head Like a Snake is currently work in progress. I am still on the lookout for people who keep sighthounds to model for me. If you live in the Nottinghamshire area and would like to get involved please get in touch.